Ms. Vee Vee         

Entertainment Agent / Principal

The Fabulous “Ms. Vee Vee” is the Principal of Kindred Souls Entertainment Group and her new label METLI Records (Musical Expressions Through Life Instances). She is one of the very few female executives that possess the level of diversity in the music industry. She has over twenty years of executive experience in music, business affairs, artist and business management, production, booking, stage management and much, much more. She is influential and well-respected in the music and entertainment industries.


For the past ten years, Ms. Vee Vee has worked with the STAX and its Academy.  She has been a guest professor; teaching the students about the music business and helping to ensure grants for STAX and scholarships for students from Berkley College of Music.  She also hosts an international red carpet event; which brings artists and people from all walks of the entertainment business to perform or share on various events or to interact with the students.


She has managed a variety of artists, including new recording artist, Ashton Riker, Terreigh Barnett, the legendary Pimp Daddy Reggie, The Climates, The Temprees, The Soul Children, J Blackfoot, and others.


Ms. Vee Vee has a Bachelors Degree in Finance from Arkansas State University, where she was a member of Phi Beta Lambda honor’s society. She also has her FCC License for Radio Announcing from Columbia School of Broadcasting.  Ms. Vee Vee was the stage manager for the movie company Miramax along with friend/colleague Roger Freidman formerly of Fox News New York, and current Hollywood 411 report on the documentary movie, ‘Only the Strong Survive’; She has worked for Trust Marketing; FedEx as an auditor; The Holiday Inn Corp and Nike in Management and ESS in commercial Management

Ms. Kimmie

Marketing Director


Kimmie has an extensive record of her marketing successes and projects which extend from her high school days to her tenure at Freed Hardeman where she earned her B.A. in Marketing. She passionately embraces the marketing realm and it reflects in her work. It allows her to share her expertise and profitable business strategies with clients who seek a trustworthy, persistent, knowledgeable professional for their marketing needs. Kimmie, makes marketing cool and calm just like a breeze...

Bee Levrett

Public Relations/Blogger


Bee Leverett is a music enthusiast who is devoted to the promotion of thriving artists through verbal and written communications. She is the scribe and translator of sights and sounds. Her creativity, charisma, and hustle makes every daunting task seem effortless. Bee offers an array of services for her clients which include but are not limited to blogging, event coverage, reviews, electronic press kits, promotion, and press releases. Bee is what the buzz is about!

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