What we do as international booking agents

We work in the music industry to book for tours, concerts, gigs and other guest appearances.   They

often schedule performances and negotiate with the artists directly or with booking representatives or

producers to arrange terms of contract, dates, and fees. They may also audition new talent. Artist

Bookers or Booking Agents may either be employed in-house or work independently. They may specialize in independent bookings in a particular musical genre such as cabaret, chamber music or rock or pop music. An Artist Booker or Booking Agent may even sponsor, manage and produce the whole event.


If the client has management, we will work closely with their management, promoter and record company. Sometimes, especially with new and emerging artists, the manager will combine their role with that of Booking Agent.

What we do as Managers

We work on behalf of clients to promote their careers and run their business affairs. Our job is to secure

the best work for our clients, for the best fee.  We represent one or multiple musical acts, authors,

comedians, etc. by overseeing and managing almost every aspect of their career. Our main goal is to

lead our clients to the "top," and manage the direction of their career.


Our Publicist is responsible for creating ways to make a client’s name, record, and video better known among the general public. Of course, the better the act and the product are known, the better the chances that more records, DVDs, and concert tickets will sell.


Our publicist writes creative press releases, biographies, pictures, and reprints of reviews and articles – these are given to music editors, disc jockeys, TV Producers, etc.

The publicists orchestrates…

  • press conferences

  • Works hard to get feature stories written on the acts

  • Finds interesting angles to get attention from the press and/or radio and television.

  • Creates hype by over-selling an act, record, etc.

  • Saturates media by attending major events


And more...

· Stage Managing                              · Networking

· Tour / Road Managing                   · International Bookings

· Marketing                                    · Building Relations

· Music                                          · Business Instructor

· Contract Negotiation                   · Artist Management

· Management                                 · Workshops

· Artist Development                        · Symposiums

· Hosting Events                              · Blogging

                            ...and much more

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